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How We Help

We may well be having the ride of your life

YFW Blood Bikes is run by Yeovil Freewheelers (EVS), an Emergency Volunteer Service which supports Yeovil District Hospital, Dorset County Hospital and the community hospitals across our regions by providing emergency courier services for blood, platelets, blood and tissue samples, medication, breast milk, documents, X rays, CT scans, and equipment. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, probably saving the NHS over £200,000 a year while easing patients' suffering and helping to save lives. We are the oldest surviving blood bike group in the country, the two earlier groups having been forced to close through lack of funds some time ago. Last year we made over 2,000 urgent and emergency deliveries to hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes as well as private addresses across much of Somerset and all of Dorset.

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We need your support

We are a successful and long-running charity having survived and grown for over 4 decades. Focused on rapid response to the NHS’ urgent courier needs we have no salaried staff and receive no funding from either national or local government. We rely solely on the dedication of our volunteers, the generosity of donors, sponsors, businesses and people within our communities. If you feel that you would like to help us to help the NHS to save lives please check out our sponsorship options. Thank you.

Volunteer Opportunities

To ride for us you must be over 25 years of age, hold a full unrestricted motorcycle licence and have had no recent “at fault” accidents. You must also hold a recognised advanced riding qualification such as IAM or ROSPA. If you are working towards an advanced qualification you can still join us as a non-rider. We always need people to help in non-riding positions such as admin, fundraising, publicity or garage maintenance to mention a few. These essential support positions enable us to provide the reliable service that is valued by hospitals and patients alike. Please send us a message through our contact page or talk to us at one of the many events we attend throughout the year.

Helping Hospitals Save Lives

We ride 365 days a year, all day every day whenever we are needed, supporting laboratories, wards and hospitals by moving blood, samples and other time-critical items to and from medical centres and supporting premises. Our volunteers are as dedicated as our wonderful health care professionals, often going to great lengths to ensure urgent deliveries are completed quickly and effectively. One of the great advantages of motorbikes is that they can often make safe progress when a car would be stuck in traffic.

Our Charity

Emergency medical motorcycle couriers; free of charge to the NHS, volunteers since 1978

YFW Blood Bikes provides a free emergency courier service between hospitals, laboratories, and patients across South Somerset and the whole of Dorset. We were founded in 1978 by Mr. Cecil Turner and are the oldest operational blood bike group in the country. We are a registered charity and member of NABB – the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB). We currently operate a fleet of eight motorcycles, stationed at hospitals in Yeovil, Dorchester, and Wincanton, to carry urgently needed medical items such as blood, biological samples, medical notes, X-rays, and medicines. The service is provided completely free of charge to the NHS and all members of YFW Blood Bikes are UNPAID volunteers. We save the NHS a large amount of money but more importantly, we ensure blood and other essential supplies are available at hospitals when needed. We enable sample analysis to be carried out more quickly at specialist laboratories around the country which leads to earlier patient diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

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