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Fancy helping the planet while raising money for YFW?

Fancy doing more recycling and collecting money for Yeovil Freewheelers in the process?

We have been very lucky this year to have received £1700 from TerraCycle. 

💚Jude and her family do this from their own home and entirely voluntarily. Every penny raised goes to YFW Bloodbikes.

It's a long read but it does go into detail as to what can be recycled and how.

Please contact Judith on the email below if you don't have access to Facebook.

Some of the “rules” ARE strange. Jude doesn’t make the rules, TerraCycle UK do. She finds some of them just as perplexing as you do!!

💚How Terracycle Recycling works.

Brands like Walkers crisps sponsor Terracycle to collect their product packaging. Terracycle process the packaging and the Brand is able to “advertise” they are recycling.

Collectors (like Jude) apply to be “drop off” points for each individual categories (these can be granted and withdrawn with little notice!)

When the collectors have enough of an item to satisfy minimum weights (Circa 18-20kg) Terracycle are booked to collect the boxes. Boxes are checked, and if all the criteria are satisfied, a small credit is logged for the chosen charity.

💚What is collected?

This could be a long one. PLEASE READ FULLY

MILK BOTTLE TOPS: we can accept any top with a 2 or 4 in the recycling triangle but you need to check every top, every time. All labels, silver foils etc must be removed. All bottles with a 2 or 4 on can be added to the black tray BUT the labels etc must be removed.

BISCUIT, CRACKER AND CAKE : any brand taken including individual bars and multi packs ( NO KITKATS)

ELLA'S KITCHEN: any brand but PLEASE leave the lids on because we need the weight plus it keeps down flies.

AIR, HOME AND LAUNDRY CARE: cleaning wipe packets, triggers, laundry products all go in here. ( This one is not for the actual wet wipe)

BREAD BAGS: simple... bread only ( no bagels, muffins, crumpets etc) stuff all bags inside a bread bag because it helps us fill boxes and saves time.

CRISP BAGS: any brand, small bag, big bag, multipack all ok. PLEASE NO POPCORN ( we do not take popcorn. Mini cheddars are not crisps. 😜

DENTAL: simple really. Smells minty it's a sure fire bet it goes here. NO BAMBOO BRUSHES.

PERSONAL/BEAUTY: make up, creams, lotions, potions, soap pumps, miracle cures, hair colour in this one. DISPOSABLE RAZORS please put these in the yellow bucket.

RING CARRIER: those pesky bits of plastic that murder sea turtles and other poor creatures go here. Please cut each strand ( that's my personal thing because if my bin ever gets turned over I don't want animals hurt) 🥰

PENS: biro, felt pen, highlighter, correction fluid, marker, whiteboard but NO PENCILS.

CLEANING WIPES: Flash, tesco, lidl any brand of cleaning or floor wipe. This is for the wipes ONLY packets go into Air and Home.

HASBRO TOYS: Must be Hasbro so please check first. If your toys or games have life left in them please donate them to a charity shop. This is for toys which can't be used again. Hasbro seems to have a massive share of the market so chances are it will be Hasbro.

PET FOOD: pouches, large bags, small bags, flexible plastic packaging, any brand. PLEASE RINSE pouches because otherwise the smell is 🤢 Happy to accept pouches within larger animal feed bags.

CHEESE: Flexible packaging not the rigid backing. Any brand. Please see the attached picture. NO foil from cheese triangles or babybel wax. NO plastic tubes, trays, cardboard boxes or paper wrapping.

If unsure still please post here

💚How do I drop off to Yeovil and sherborne recycling?

✅First of all message Jude via the page so she can share her address and let you know when to drop off

✅On the right hand side of the drive is a row of lidded black bins, each lid is labelled.

Collection categories must be kept separate.

Remove recycling from any bags/ containers you bring.

(The exception is bread bags which can be stuffed inside a bread bag).

✅Please take home bags you bought your recycling in, do not leave them on the drive or use the household wheelie bin.

✅Allow yourself enough time to put the recycling into the correct bins. Do not leave bags for the family to sort through (even if they have been separated). If you don’t have time to do it, please arrange to bring it back on a day you have more time.

✅If you have any queries about an item, there is a photo / questions post pinned to the top of the fb page with the large question mark. Ask away!

✅If Jude is aware it’s your first visit she usually tries to arrange a drop off time she’s there to offer advice if you need it. Please keep to the times agreed.

Thank you Jude and thank you to all of you who keep on collecting 🌟

PS. Does anyone have access to strong cardboard boxes sized 50 x 60 x 60cm? Jude uses around 15 a month and currently buys them herself! This costs in the region of £300 a year 😳

A local lady kindly supplies Jude with parcel packing tape 💚

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